Another merry Christmas.

I’ll be honest with you. I was so busy this December that I barely had time to enjoy the Christmas season. I actually didn’t really enjoy it much at all. I felt like I hardly sat down all month. I don’t know why. I mean, I know I took on a lot of handmade projects for gifts, but not more than usual. I baked much less than I usually did, and Neil did most of the Christmas shopping. Maybe it was just the plain old fact of having four kids that just made it hard to accomplish everything I wanted to. Whatever it was, remind me to start earlier next year. No, I don’t want to just cut things out, because I do LIKE doing handmade gifts and baking and cooking and all that stuff that makes it busy. Anyway, regardless of the busy-ness, I did finish everything up on December 23rd, so I still had a day to relax and enjoy Christmassyness. Except then I got a terrible cold and could barely even enjoy Christmas Eve!

Whatever. Besides all that stress and sickness, Christmas came, and it was wonderful, as always. On the Friday before Christmas, Santa was on the radio and I called in and Ben got to talk to Santa on the air. It was so fun! (More for me than for Ben, I think!). On Christmas Eve we went to church and made it through the whole service without any kids crying or freaking out (thanks be to fruit snacks and cheerios). We got home and ate toast for supper, put some cookies and milk out for Santa, and the kids happily went to bed wearing their matching jammies (that I finally finished the day before. Ivy’s that day actually).

Neil and I stuffed the stockings and put the gifts under the tree, set up the teepee we made for the kids (also finished the day before), and went to bed.


I barely slept that night. I’m not sure if it was because of the cold meds I took or if it was because I was so excited. Seth and Ben were in our bed before six in the morning, claiming to be sick, but by the time Ivy woke up at 6:40, they were miraculously better and ready to go open their presents. We had to wake Oliver up so he wouldn’t miss out, and boy, that kid shot out of bed so fast his eyes were still barely open by the time he got to the living room.



Ivy thoroughly enjoyed opening all her presents and playing with her new toys. She seriously had a great day. It was so cute.


We headed to my parents for lunchtime and the festivities continued till 9 pm when we packed everyone up and drove home again. It was such a busy day I didn’t even snap a single picture there. Everyone had so much fun and all the kids got along really well.

On boxing day we got up and started cleaning house and cooking. Neil’s family came over for dinner and it was another great day. It is not very often that everyone makes the trek out here and we love having everyone over. The kids had the very best time.




Each Christmas I am reminded of how wonderfully blessed I am. Spending Christmas morning with my not-so-small-anymore family, being surrounded by happy little faces, and spoiling each other with gifts. The kids all received such wonderful and generous gifts from everyone- they are so loved by their families. Neil and I were truly spoiled too, and we are so thankful for all of our gifts but most of all for all of our families.

Another merry Christmas was had.

And now it’s on to planning a wee little lady’s first birthday party!

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