Lazy holidays.

We have pretty much hibernated since boxing day three days ago. We’ve stayed in our jammies and lazed around the house watching too much tv and playing too much iPad. It’s been pretty awesome, except for the fact that Seth has been sick the whole time. I’m not sure what the deal is; a fever and sometimes a cough but not much else. He’s feeling super crappy and it’s making me sad that he’s in such miserable shape over his Christmas holidays. Thankfully we still have a week left, and I’m sure he’ll be feeling better in a day or two.


Today we did convince everyone (besides Seth) to bundle up and go on a little walk. The fresh air was really nice, even if it was a bit crisp! I made the boys some hot chocolate with little marshmallows when we came back inside. They enjoyed their treat in the teepee.


Ivy practiced eating with a spoon. She is almost one, you know.


Speaking of being almost one, I spent forever trying to get a decent picture of her for her party invites. Seriously if that girl would just sit still for ONE second! I must have taken two hundred pictures. 174 of them were blurry, and the rest were her looking away, grabbing for something, or crying.


Poor kid, I’m sure she wishes I’d just leave her alone already instead of dressing her up and doing her hair and trying to convince her to smile. Anyway, I think I got maybe ONE shot that will do the trick. Sheesh. Still, she’s cute, right?


Our hibernating days are nearing their end, though. Church tomorrow, of course, and besides that I think I need to run out and get Seth some more meds- he’s burning through ours at a pretty fast pace. I think I can manage that. I did get dressed today, even if it is just in sweat pants and a hoodie…

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