A brief respite from laziness.

Our holidays laze on.

Seth was sick with a fever and a really sore tummy until Sunday at which point I started worrying that he had something like appendicitis or something and so I hauled him to emergency. Besides puking in a garbage can on the way in from the parking lot, he seemed like he was feeling a lot better by the time we got to the hospital. 2 hours later we were on our way home with a diagnosis of flu. I swear by the time we got home he was much perkier and all of a sudden hungry.

Sometimes I think whenever my kids get sick I should just immediately make a decision to take them to their doctor/the walk-in clinic/emergency/whatever because it seems like whenever I do they immediately start recovering! Anyway, whatever, I’m glad it was nothing more serious for Seth. Despite all that, Seth, and now Ben and Ivy, are all sick now with terrible colds. They’re running at about 50% it seems; tired and listless and noses sniffling and running and terrible coughs coughing.

We haven’t done ANYTHING over the holidays. Nothing except lay around and watch too much tv. But Seth’s only request for his Christmas holidays was to go swimming, so Neil and I decided that today was our best shot, even if everyone was half-sick and we were going over nap time. We piled everyone into the van and went for Happy Meals. I wasn’t entirely convinced we’d made the right decision while we waited for our french fries.


But everyone perked up and most of us had a good time swimming. Ben petered out really quickly and only wanted to sit in the hot tub, but besides that, I think we did pretty good. Ivy and Oliver had a blast.



It felt good to leave the house and do something fun, even if it used up everyone’s last little bits of energy. Tomorrow is Neil’s last day of holidays and we really have enjoyed our extremely lazy time together as a family. I admit that I am not the least bit anxious to get back to reality.


4 thoughts on “A brief respite from laziness.

  1. Dana says:

    That looks like a fun pool! Where is it? Is that one big shallow pool?? Carson, the boy I do respite with, LOVES swimming we often go to the Y but they don’t have slides at the one we go to.

    • Nikki says:

      Dana it’s at the south Y (on Fermor). there is one big shallow pool, a regular pool with big slides, and a nice big hot tub too. and then they have a giant indoor play structure too- the kids love it there!

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