Lengthy stretches of blog absenteeism seem to be the norm for me lately. Apologies.

I’ve been busy quilting and cooking and mothering and working.

I do have a few posts planned- I need to show you the quilt I just finished for Ivy’s birthday; and I am thinking I SHOULD finish writing the story of Ivy’s birth, being that her birthday is in a mere two days; also, the other kids’ interviews. I’m trying! 

Anyway, this is not a real post, not really. I was just remembering a year (and a day) ago, and how different life was then (also, wondering why I don’t wear that sweater anymore). I can’t believe a whole year has gone by, in really what seems like the blink of an eye. Okay, maybe a really slow blink sometimes. Anyway, cupcakes must be baked, buntings must be sewn, kids must be fed, and floors must be washed. Thanks for sticking with me even when the blogging is less than impressive around here.


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