Ivy’s quilt.

It has been a flurry of sewing and quilting and binding here in the last week and a half, but I managed to finish Ivy’s quilt.

It is full of imperfections and even a few flat-out mistakes, but I’m confident Ivy won’t notice, and will maybe one day love it even more because of them. I am very clearly an amateur quilter but I am still really happy with how this girly little quilt turned out.


It was so hard to get a good picture of the quilt. My quilt-holder-guy was a little short.


One of my favorite parts of the quilt is the back!


I’ve had that Children at Play fabric in my stash for over a year now, and I was so happy to use it. Oh I love it so, so much. Luckily I still have lots left over. Ivy will definitely need a summer dress made out of it, don’t you think?

I also love all the fabrics I used for the quilt, especially the script. It has some of the cutest little lines written in it. The mice are especially cute too. Did you know my sisters sometimes call Ivy “Mousy”? (Say it with a german accent, though- apparently it’s a sweet name for littles over there.) I may need to get more of that mouse-y fabric for a summer dress for Ivy, too. It’s just too cute!




I bound the quilt with a grey and white stripe from Lecien. I really like how it turned out. Even if the binding had me cursing and hating myself and taking EIGHT tries to match ends up. I’m so dumb sometimes. Either way, mistakes are not noticeable and it looks great.


I can’t wait to give it to Ivy for her birthday tomorrow (!!!!) and play under it with her. Oh how she loves being in blanket forts!

ps. Just in case you were thinking I was a creative genius or something, I basically copied this quilt from Red Pepper Quilts. Hers, of course, is MUCH nicer with probably no mistakes and it definitely looks like her quilting lines are straighter, too! Anyway, I love Red Pepper Quilts and am thankful for the inspiration.

pps. Most of the fabrics are from the Nursery Versery collection. So adorable. The back is Kona cottons Baby Pink and then the aforementioned Children at Play.

5 thoughts on “Ivy’s quilt.

  1. anitarex says:

    Seriously Nikki this is AMAZING! You should be proud of yourself! Wow I love it! I’ve seen that Children at play material on another quilt! If you ever wants to make a hexagon quilt I have hexagon dies and a machine that you could roll the material through to cut them! :> Or other shapes let me know!

  2. Deanna McCowan says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Ivy is so lucky to have such a crafty Mama!! good job, buddy. BTW thanks for the links going to ask my Mum to make McScreamy a quilt đŸ™‚

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