Her first party.

I just realized I forgot to write about the birthday party we had for Ivy a week and a half ago.

I had so much fun getting ready for a GIRL party in this house! I’ve done TWELVE boy ones so far and this was our first party where we could ditch the dinos and superheros and I was pretty excited about it. I made pink cupcakes, and a pink cake, and pink pom poms, and a pink bunting. It. Was. Great.


Until everyone called or texted the morning of the birthday party saying that it was storming and the highways were so bad that they all had to turn around.

No worries, though, some people could make it the next day, so we postponed things for a day. The cupcakes kept, thank goodness, and Ivy was little enough to not care about the delay. On the new day of her party, we dressed her up in the birthday dress and sparkly shoes that her brothers had bought her for her birthday. She wore the birthday crown I made her, and she was HAPPY.




She really did have the best time. Her grandparents got her this little suitcase that she could ride on. She figured that out right away and soon enough had everyone pushing her around the house while she sat up straight like a little princess.


(We’ve since put the suitcase into hiding because she was trying to climb on it all the time and would be constantly screeching for someone to take her for a ride.)

Ivy loved all her presents, like any birthday girl should. She looked at all the new clothes she got, and hugged them close. When I put them in a pile behind her, she scooped them back up so she had them right with her. She got a fluffy little kitty toy, which she immediately hugged and kissed (and by the end of the day even learned to “meow” to!). She truly enjoyed opening up all her presents, with the help of all her brothers and cousins.


And then it was time for cake. She was a little leery of the candle, and even a little reluctant to try the cake. With a little convincing, she tried it, and then she did eat some, but not nearly as much as I thought she would. I probably should have made it chocolate for her- she really does love chocolate!


We even managed to get a family photo in on her birthday- a true rarity!


It was really such a fun day for all of us. Ivy seemed like she really was such a little girl now, not really a little baby anymore. She was the perfect birthday girl.

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