Probably the sweetest thing ever.

I worked the evening shift yesterday, which means I got off work at around 11:45 pm. By the time I got home, it was 12:20 am, and by the time I unwind a bit and fall asleep, it was about 1 am. So I was slightly disgruntled when Ivy was crying incessantly at 5:18 am. But she does have a really stuffy nose and so is probably feeling pretty crummy, so I got up and fed her and put her back to bed. But then I was really annoyed when she was up crying again before 6:30. I left her for quite awhile, mostly because I was just too tired to get out of bed. I was hoping maybe she’d just go back to sleep (even though her track record suggests otherwise). Finally I gave up and went and got her.

I tucked her in with me for her morning feed. She happily nursed while I was crabby and tired. Then she did probably the sweetest thing ever. After a couple minutes, she came off and got up, leaned over to me, and kissed me on the mouth. Then went back to nursing again.

She’s actually done this several times over the last month or two, and it melts my heart every time. She can sometimes be kind of stingy with her kisses, and sometimes gives them so freely, but we usually have to ask her for them. Except in the early morning, when it is dark and quiet. Then she spontaneously gives me kisses, like she’s telling me she loves me and that she loves breastfeeding and cuddling, and maybe she’s even saying thank you. Or maybe she’s just trying to say, don’t be so crabby mom, one day I won’t wake up so early. Whatever she means, I love her early morning kisses.

Now if only she’d nap.IMG_6985





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