Benji :: 5

My dear Ben turned five on Friday. It seems hard to believe, him being 5. He still seems so small and helpless sometimes, but he’s getting bigger and braver every day.


There’s so many things I love about you, Benjamin.

You have the biggest heart. You will give anything to anyone. You always put everyone else first. You ask us, “What do YOU want to do, Mom?” “Which one do YOU want, Seth?” You’re honestly the most selfless little soul. It’s truly amazing how much you love and how much you give. I actually tried to convince you that we should not have your birthday so that you would stay four forever, because it makes me a little sad to see you growing up so fast. After hearing my case, you said, “Okay Mom. We don’t have to have my birthday.” You actually thought it would work, and that it would make me the happiest. When I told you that it was okay, we could have your birthday, and you could be five, you looked more than a little relieved. But seriously, you’re so sweet!

You love your family, all of us. You get along so well with every member of this family (including the dog). I guess part of that is because you’re so anxious to make everyone happy, but part of it is that you are just a mellow and relaxed kid (most of the time!). You go out of your way to make us smile and laugh and feel good. Yesterday morning you climbed into bed with me and gave me a back rub. You’re just a really nice guy, Ben.


You’re pretty funny too. You love making people laugh. Silly faces are your specialty.


One of the things I find the cutest about you is how concerned you are with your appearance. You’re really into combing your hair lately. And picking out your clothes always requires a lot of thought, right down to what socks you will wear. Sometimes you lay your clothes out on the floor and kind of analyze them, to see if they look good, and then sometimes mutter something like, “no, too much blue” and switch an item out. The funny thing about this trait is that even though you love picking out your clothes and always want to look good, you would live in pajamas and sweatpants 24-7 if I let you. You calls sweats your “compy pants” (“comfy pants”) and if there is a pair in your drawer you will ALWAYS wear them!


You’re paranoid about germs. You have always been a meticulous hand washer but lately have added more clean to your routine, with things likes refusing to wear hand-me-downs unless they’ve been washed three times first (for real. three times.), occasionally completely undressing to go to the bathroom (so no germs get on your clothes), and absolutely, unequivocally never, ever sharing dishes or untensils, often even refusing to eat snacks off of a shared plate.


You have bad dreams a lot, and a few times a week you climb into bed with us in the middle of the night. After a little snuggle, we walk you back to bed and pray with you, and you go back to sleep. Before bed every night, we must end every single prayer with a request for “no dreams at all”. It must be the very last thing before we say amen, or we have to start over again. It makes me sad that dreams are bothering you at night, and I hope that soon they won’t anymore.

You love cooking with me, and helping me decide what we should make. You’re getting pretty good at cracking eggs.

You love playing lego. You’re always building something, and you’re really very good at it. You come up with some really neat creations- usually kinds of cars or quads or rocket ships.


You have a really good memory. You go to Wee College and learn Bible verses. You always pick them up very quickly. I’m also really proud of how you’re coming out of your shell and talking to your teachers, being friendly, and even making eye contact! This is a big deal for you, and I’m just so, so proud!

You love organizing. Once, I had a nap, and when I woke up, you randomly mentioned how you had cleaned out and organized our craft cupboard while I was sleeping. You always plug your rechargeable night light in in the morning, you always put your toothbrush back in the drawer, and you always put your laundry in the hamper. I like that about you!

Oh Ben, I just really love you so much. I know you’re going to grow up to be a really great man.


And Ben, I thought you might want to read what Dad wrote about you:

Today Ben turns 5. This fact is unbelievable to me. Ben is the most sensitive and caring little guy. He will sacrifice the best toy or the best cereal bowl or the best spot on the couch for any one of his siblings. And in this way I wish I could be more like him.

Ben, can you believe I started blogging three years ago, just before you turned two. Yeesh Ben, you’ve always been so darn cute!!

Happy 5th birthday Benji! You are very loved!


6 thoughts on “Benji :: 5

  1. mamammaa says:

    Happy 5th Birthday Benji, glad we could spend some of it with you. Your mom is right – you are the sweetest, gentlest little boy and we love you so much! Love grammy.

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