Ah! They are still sick!

Oliver’s cough is going away, and he is definitely having more and more happy moments, but he is still having a lot of very crabby, miserable ones. He actually fell asleep at the table eating supper last night. That has never happened to any child in our family before. Pretty cute. But then of course he woke up a monster. I put him to bed at about 6:30 and he slept straight through till 7 this morning. I’m hoping I can convince him to nap today. He doesn’t nap that often anymore, but the other day he did, and oh dear, it was so sweet.


And it turns out that Ivy has baby measles. I think. Again. She’s covered in spots, anyway. Since Monday morning.


She’s seems pretty normal otherwise, although more sensitive than usual, and she’s been up as often as a newborn the last couple nights. I’m feeling it. Need. More. Sleep. Her spots actually look worse today than yesterday, and we’re going on day three here now. I’m really hoping I don’t have to make ANOTHER trip to the doctor soon.

Benjamin’s got the nasty cough now too. Seth remains healthy as usual. I swear, Seth hasn’t had a cold in a year.

Also health related, Neil had an outpatient procedure yesterday that required medication called versed, also known as conscious sedation. He was awake for the whole procedure but remembers absolutely nothing. Afterwards while we were waiting to be discharged, I literally had the same conversation with him four times in a row. I said I felt like I was in the movie Finding Nemo and he was Dori. It was pretty hilarious actually. On our way home we went through a drive-thru and Neil made some work-related calls. If I hadn’t discussed this with him later on yesterday, he would have had no idea. He does not remember anything! That’s a good drug.

Anyway, I hope this is my last post describing the rampant sickness that has taken up residence here. I’m over it!


4 thoughts on “Still.

  1. Karalyn says:

    hope you guys are better soon! It’s been a bad couple of months for everyone being sick! Did Ivy recently have her 1 year shots? I know that that a rash like that can appear about 10 days later. Anyways hope it ends soon!

      • kNN says:

        Yep, very likely a reaction to the vaccine! Maybe open some windows today and let some of the sickness bugs out 🙂

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