Ben’s celebrations.

My sweet Ben, he didn’t want anyone except his grandparents to come to his birthday party. He wanted to keep it low-key, which was just fine with me!

We started the morning off with presents.


Now you know what Ivy and I look like first thing in the morning.

Ben is so easy to please, and he loved everything he got. So did Seth, who immediately started building the lego set he had got for Ben.




(Ivy got Ben a pack of gum. That may have been his favorite gift…)

On the day of his birthday, Ivy, Ben, and I all had our annual doctor check-up. My mom and dad came in to help me out at the doctor’s office, and to play with us and celebrate with Ben afterwards. Poor Ben had to have a shot on his birthday, but he was a champ about it. Ivy had her shots, too. She made a lot more fuss about it.

After our appointments we went to see the dogs and cats at the animal shelter. It ended up being pretty lame because you can’t actually play with any dogs. Ben didn’t seem to mind, though, and was very happy to just pet the cats through the cages. Ivy thought it was the best and even tried her hardest to say “kitty” over and over again.

Then we all went to McDonald’s for happy meals, that no one ate, but hey, the boys got little transformers, so who needs food.

By this point I was completely exhausted and so glad that my parents were with me all morning to help out! We headed home and Ivy and Oliver (and me!) had a good nap while I let Ben play the Wii as long as he wanted (it was his birthday, after all!).

After naps Seth came home from school, finished building the lego set, and we packed up and headed out for dinner. I think this may have been the first time since Ivy was born that we actually went to a restaurant where you sit down and order all alone, without grandparents to help us out! And it went fine, phew!

Then we came home and had birthday cake. Ben had requested vanilla, so that’s what we made. But with chocolate icing, of course!




The next day I made Ben’s favorite supper, gnocchi, and Neil took all the boys to Monster Jam. The following day I worked a long shift, so Neil took the kids out to his parents and they had a little party for him there. I think Ben had the perfect birthday weekend!


In other news, Ivy’s spots seem to be a reaction from her vaccines on Ben’s birthday. They look a little less red this morning, which is good. Bad, though, is the fact that she now has Oliver’s cough. She’s coughing so hard that she’s throwing up. By 8:30 this morning she’d thrown up three times. Benjamin and Seth are both coughing away too. I’m feeling like we’ll never be healthy again…

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