Bedtime usually goes very smoothly around here. Our kids know the routine well, and go from story to brushing teeth to bed without a hitch. They’re tucked in, prayed with, kissed and hugged, and that’s it. Eyes close and they go to sleep. No peeps.

Not so much tonight.

Poor Seth, he’s under the weather. He’s had a cough and just been run down since Friday. He missed two days of school. He did go today but by the time we got to the pool after school and it was his turn for swimming lessons, he looked a little flushed. By bedtime he had a fever and was complaining of a headache. Seth and Ben went to bed while I put the littles in their beds. By the time I got to their room to tuck them in, Seth was already asleep. Ben followed shortly after.

The babies on the other hand…oh. my.

Now the time change was just on Sunday, so everyone’s a little off-schedule. Ivy slept until 7:30 this morning (whaaaat?) and Oliver slept until 8:30. He didn’t nap today except for a tiny sleep on the way to the pool, so when I put everyone to bed at 7:45 (later than usual) I expected they would all just nod off like usual.

But no. 

Oliver fussed and cried. I don’t know why. Ivy was calling out, over and over again, “Daa-aaaDDD! Daaa-aaaaDDD!” She was standing up in her crib, although every time I told her to lay down, she quickly threw herself down on the mattress (freaking adorable, I tell you!). But then she’d stand up again, yelling “Daaa-aaaDDD!” again and again. How convenient that Dad was at a hockey game.

Oliver got mad at Ivy. They had a conversation like this:






“NO! I’m Oliver!”

I went in a few times, cuddled Oliver, told Ivy to go back to sleep, repeat, repeat.

They are both finally asleep now, just after 9 pm. 

Even though sometimes it gets crazy with those two littles sharing a room, I still just love it. Laying with Oliver, cuddling him and singing to him, watching Ivy stand up, bounce around, lay down, sing to herself, babble away, yell DAD! again, I don’t know, there’s something I just love about it. And when I peek in there on my way to bed every night, and see my babies sleeping away in their shared room, it just warms my heart every time. Oh I do love my babies!




2 thoughts on “Bedtime.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    omg that Oliver is way too cute!!

    thanks for the super load laugh that MAY have woken my little.

    You’re the best!

    PS you KNOW you have to blog about the romper, right? And Miss Ames will DEF need some more leg room. Y’know for her chubb. 🙂

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