Life speeds by so fast lately. I think about blogging but I can’t seem to find the time. The kids keep doing the sweetest/darndest things that I really don’t want to forget, though, and I need to try harder to get those things documented before they leave my brain!

The good news is, we are ALL healthy. Today I looked at my little Ivy and thought, hey, I haven’t had to wipe your nose in a day or two. AMAZING. I was honestly thinking her nose was on perma-drip and we’d be wiping it forever. When Seth was sick he was run down more than anything else. For the first time in HISTORY we heard Seth say, “I’m tired.” (I swear, he has NEVER said that before!) He even fell asleep on the floor while Neil was reading to him at bedtime. Neil did too, actually. Maybe Old Man and the Sea wasn’t as exciting as they had hoped.


We managed to all get out for Lafarge Family Fun day at the Fort Whyte Center last weekend. I love Fort Whyte Center and we had so much fun, even though we were only there for a short time because of babies naps and all that. We had a great time. The boys ice fished for all of 2 1/2 minutes, we toboganned the big sled run, and we won the 50/50 draw! Hundred bucks in our pocket- oh yeah! It was a great day. I wish we had some pictures of the sled run- it’s so fun! Oliver really wanted to go but by the time we got to the top he said, “I’ll just watch.” I made him go with me while he was saying, “I’m scared!” and then by the time we got to the bottom he was all smiles, although he still made sure to reinforce to me how scared he was. We went four more times, and by the 2nd or 3rd time he was bragging about how brave he was.







I’ve been desperately trying to convince Ivy to walk. I seriously thought she would be our earliest walker, since she hasn’t actually sat still for a minute of her life, was crawling so early, and has been standing on her own for five months already! But no, she is now officially our latest walker. Even lazy-bones Benji was walking by now. So anyway, Ivy and Ben are pretty much best buds, so I enlisted Ben’s help in encouraging Ivy to walk. He and I held her little hands today, and then I let go, and then he let go, and then wouldn’t you know, she walked halfway down the hallway! She did 25 steps, which is a heckuva lot more than her previous record of 4 (which was about a month and a half ago). She would have kept going but I let her get too close to me and she grabbed me. I’m not sure if we’ll ever convince her to do it again, but we’ll sure try! She also learned today that she could climb all the way down the basement stairs. I was down there doing laundry, came around the corner, and there she was, all pleased with herself. She has also learned how to do some funny faces (like sticking out her tongue) in the last few days, and today she ate an apple like a big kid. She thought that was great.




Benjamin graduated from Wee College last night. He memorized ten Bible verses there, but that didn’t surprise me. I am surprise by how he gained so much self-confidence- it’s almost crazy how much he’s grown. I’m seriously so incredibly proud of him. Watching him up on the stage waving to us and smiling and even sometimes doing the actions for songs- incredible. Such a big kid now, my Ben.


Oliver is in love with Instagram and is constantly begging me to take his picture so he can edit it and share it. Anytime the camera comes out, too, “Take a picture of me! Take a picture of me!” Well, of course I do, he’s so adorable. He’s also become quite the little kisser lately- frequently saying to me, “Kiss me on the mouth!” or just grabbing my cheeks and pulling me in for a quick smack. Another favorite line of his, “Wrap me up in your arms” which means he wants a hug. I always oblige, because what’s cuter than that line coming from a blue-eyed toddler wearing a shark costume who really needs a haircut?



That’s life lately. Busy and good. I’m even finally feeling braver about taking all the kids out of the house. Like today, I totally planned to go grocery shopping with them. During the day! But then I woke up and it had stormed, snowed like crazy, school was cancelled, and the roads were terrible, so my plans were foiled. But I will leave this house, just you wait and see. I was thinking maybe when spring was here, but now I’m not sure if it ever will be…

One thought on “Lately.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    There was A LOT of cuteness in this post. I don’t know where to start! I think my fave is Miss Ivy with her apple mouth but I dunno b/c Ben in his cap and gown is pretty much to die for.

    Oh dear. What a good problem to have: too many cute kids!

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