Wuv/Don’t Wuv.

For a two-year-old, Oliver is very “in touch with his emotions”. 

He is constantly describing his feelings to us.

“I’m sad!” “Dat makes me happy!”

“I wuv dat!”

Neil and I were gone for a (much needed) night away this weekend. We did some shopping and Oliver was so excited about everything we bought him.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates underwear: “I WUV dis!”

Mickey Mouse flip flops: “I WUV dese!”

New bathing suit: “I WUV everything!!!”

He’s easy to please.

Now he tells us what he doesn’t “wuv” too. I asked him today if he wanted pancakes for lunch, to which he matter-of-factly replied, “I don’t wuv pancakes.” 

“Maybe with some oranges?” I said.

“I don’t wuv oranges.”

Ok, fair enough. I don’t wuv dem either.

But then this morning, the clincher. Ivy was crawling around doing her thing when Oliver sweetly said, “I don’t wuv Ivy!”

Which, to be honest, is probably true. I was actually just talking to Neil about this the other day. All of our other kids have naturally gotten along with and loved every new sibling they acquired. Oliver, on the other hand, I think was meant to be a youngest child, and he has no affection towards Ivy whatsoever. They fight a lot more than any of my other babies have. He has no kind words or sweet smiles for her, although he did tell me she was cute the other day. I think it was only because Ben said it, though.

I’m not worried about them at all. I find it pretty funny, although I hope they do start getting along better sooner than later, as soon enough it will be just the two of them at home and I don’t want to have to deal with them always picking on each other. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

For now I’ll try to teach Oliver that, even if he doesn’t really know it yet, he DOES wuv Ivy. We all love each other in this family.


Even if we don’t always like each other…

2 thoughts on “Wuv/Don’t Wuv.

  1. Lorraine says:

    Don’t worry, my youngest two can fight like cats and dogs but usually when it’s just the two of them and the oldest it out of the picture, you couldn’t find better playmates. I’m sure they’ll be inseperable too one day.

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