Handsome white shirt.

I told the kids to get dressed this morning because we were planning on going out. (We didn’t, and now everyone is dressed except for me…)

Benjamin asked for his new blue pants, and then he asked me to find him his “handsome white shirt” because he wanted to wear his vest, too.Image

So that’s what Ben’s wearing, hanging around the house and playing, all spiffed up. He even carefully combed his hair into a side part. He likes to look good, this kid.


Oliver, on the other hand, likes to look like a homeless, chubby shark. Every day.

It’s only 10 am and it already feels like it’s been a long morning around here. Ivy woke up happy, but then she threw her blankie in the toilet and she’s never fully recovered from that trauma, even though I did find her the back-up. I’m trying to find a quiet moment to have a cup of coffee but I think that’s probably not gonna happen this morning. I put my grocery store plans on hold. It just seems like too much this morning, for some reason. I’ll go this evening when I take Seth for a haircut.

I’m trying to turn the morning around. Get organized. Clean something. Make something. Have a happier and more patient heart. And maybe brush my hair or something.

Hope you’re having a good morning wherever you are…


One thought on “Handsome white shirt.

  1. deanna79 says:

    you are hilarious. Poor Ivy, I’d be traumatized too.

    If It makes you feel any better I ruined Amelia’s day by changing her diaper. Because apparently sitting in her own filth was better. I know you can relate.

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