That hurt.

So on Sunday we went to Portage for Easter dinner with the family. We had a great day, all of us. The boys had so much fun playing with their uncles and Ivy was friendly and completely charming with everyone, even relatives she rarely sees. We ended the days with hugs and kisses for everyone and headed out the door.

Where Neil fell down the concrete stairs with Ivy in his arms.

It. Was. Brutal.

I watched them go down. Neil slipped on the first step and basically flew down to the bottom where he landed on his back. The worst part- Ivy’s head whacking the iron railing on the way down.

It was completely horrifying. She was crying and immediately started swelling up in a diagonal stripe across her face. Another stripe on her scalp swelled up too. The side and bridge of her nose were so swollen we thought it could be broken. It looked terrible. I think Neil was as upset as Ivy was; he felt so bad that he’d fallen while he was holding her.

I nursed her and she semi-calmed down. We got in the van to head home. After a few minutes of some whimpering, she cheered right up and played games all the way home. She finally fell asleep about 15 minutes from home, and she slept pretty well most of the night.


In the morning she looked much better; much less swollen, although her nose still looked pretty deformed.

Today her nose looks a lot better, although the bruising is darker. She makes it look cute though, right?


This crazy accident was fairly traumatizing for Neil and I, but it did remind meof how life can change in a moment. I’m so thankful that things weren’t much worse (my 80-some year old grandmother fell down the stairs immediately after Neil, without any major injury, too). I’m glad my baby and my husband are okay, only bruised and sore.


Now, seriously, isn’t Ivy insanely cute? I just downloaded 175 pictures off of my camera. She was in all but 4 of them. Outta control, I know.


8 thoughts on “That hurt.

  1. mamammaa says:

    I think you should call it grampy’s stair rail – as I had been nagging him! Ivy’s poor face….and poor Neil and Nikki and grammy.

  2. Deanna McCowan says:

    Geez. I would need a trip to the mental hospital. For real.

    Def have to be thankful for every day we are healthy.

    She is so dang cute. I can’t handle it.

  3. Carla says:

    Scary stuff! I’m glad everyone is ok. I can only imagine how terrible Neil felt!

    Ivy is SERIOUSLY cute. I can definitely see why she’d be in all the pictures. This age/stage is so much fun!

  4. Amanda says:

    I haven’t commented in a while (been lurking since my son’s birth at the end of January), but your story was so sad and traumatic! I agree with Deanna–I would need some counseling after that experience. I’m so glad that they are both OK.

    I think that you’ve all been through enough with the illnesses and falls now!


  5. Bonnie McKenzie says:

    I can imagine how Neil felt. I’d blame myself too. The good thing is, children are so resilient. What would cause us, as adults, damage, generally does little to children. Thank heavens for soft, pliable bones. And what better way to make Ivy feel safe, secure and loved, is a good nursing with mama.

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