How do you listen?

Sometimes, I am just so proud of my kids. They are sweet and endearing, their manners are impeccable, and they are so well-behaved that even strangers comment on how good they are.

Other times I’m completely embarrassed by my kids. I wonder if they have any respect for their parents at all, their behaviour is completely inappropriate, and I’m sure that they’re totally deaf.

We’ve had some particularly frustrating days with Seth. One day it seemed like he did not listen to a single thing we said, and just carried on with whatever he was doing as if we didn’t even exist. We had a long talk with him while driving. We discussed listening and being respectful; how you should listen immediately and we should not have to ask more than once; how it embarrasses us when he doesn’t listen. It was a good talk.

Or so I thought.

The very next day we were having the same issues with him not listening at all. I reminded him of the talk we had the day before. He looked at me blankly. You know, the talk about listening, while we were in the truck yesterday? More blank stares.

I asked him to sit in the corner of my room on the floor and think about our chat, and when he could tell me about it, he could come out.

He sat there for quite a while and was eventually in tears because he had absolutely no idea what i was talking about. No. Idea.

So I gave him a “project” at the table. I wrote down some questions for him to answer. He ended up sitting there a LONG time with MORE blank stares. I had to give him “hints” for the answers. It was sort of ridiculous.


Seth’s a very smart kid, and often is a very good listener, but for some reason, this was just beyond him.


(This cracked me up. Sometimes he gets “Y” and “W” mixed up, even though he’s reading fluently now.)


He thought that last question was pretty funny, because he answered with “0” and then when I gave him the stink-eye he changed it into a one. So clever, Seth.

Just so this post isn’t only about Seth’s lack of listening skills, when I was cleaning up the other day, I found this little “notebook” I made for Seth to draw in last fall. I just sewed some paper scraps together, and he thought it was fantastic. I thought what he wrote and drew in it was fantastic. It seriously cracks me up.


This was back when Seth was just learning how to read and write. He wanted me to tell him how to spell everything, but I love kids’ phonetic spellings; they’re just too cute, so whenever he asked me if he spelled something right, I just told him yes.



(Hopefully he’s not too upset with me sharing this secret info.)


I love it. Definitely a keeper.

p.s. I bought Ivy pants with a goat on the bum.


Check out that mullet. Now you know why she’s in pigtails every single day.

3 thoughts on “How do you listen?

  1. Bonnie McKenzie says:

    Oh Nicole, dealing with growing boys will become so much easier when their frontal lobe is fully developed. That occurs around 23-24 years of age. My oldest is almost there. Seriously, they just don’t get it. Trust me. Been there.

    • Nikki says:

      Lol Bonnie! I love your comment! Even though the kids’ lack of listening does drive me crazy, I totally see how they basically “can’t” do it and aren’t trying to be bad- they are just completely immersed in their own activities, lego playing, whatever, and I have no idea I was even speaking.
      Sadly, Neil often does the same thing… 🙂

  2. Deanna McCowan says:

    Apparently B’s frontal lobe is non-existant 😉


    You took the words outta my mouth! I was thinking that’s quite the mullet. No one rocks a mullet like you do, Ivy!

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