Springtime. Sort of. Kinda. Maybe.

Oh my, the winter will just NOT end around here. It is still cold, with highs below freezing most days. Monday’s forecast high is only -7C! What the what!?

But still, it’s warmer than it was, and that’s something. We’ve been going outside for walks almost every day, and it’s just so nice to get out there. Ivy thinks it’s pretty much the best thing ever. As soon as we even mention “outside” she’s getting to the door as fast as she can, grabbing boots and shoes, and standing at the door grunting as if to say, “Get me out there, now”! Then, when we’re out, she just grins, the whole time.

Like this:


The boys take sticks along with them, to splash in puddles, slash at ice, poke at snow, etc. It makes walks soooo much more fun, apparently.


Trying to get a picture of all my children together remains nearly impossible.


But at least Ivy and I can get a good shot.


We’re so happy to be outside again, but seriously, when will that snow be gone? I’m starting to lose hope; beginning to think we’re in perma-winter here. Hopefully I’m wrong. I heard rumors it’s supposed to be a long, hot summer. Hopefully they’re right. We certainly deserve it.

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