Oh, Benjamin.

Another old post I apparently never published. I wrote this at the end of 2011, but it still needs to be posted so I don’t forget it!

Ever since Ben was a baby, we’ve known he was going to be a funny one. He has always liked entertaining everyone, and has seemed to enjoy making people laugh since long before his first birthday. We joke that he’ll probably be the class clown when he’s in school. As his vocabulary increases, funnier and funnier things are coming out of that kids’ mouth. I’ve been keeping track of some of them for awhile now. Here’s a few of my favorites from the last couple months…

“When I grow up and I’m a mom, I’m going to have a baby in my tummy.”
Seth and I explained to Ben that boys grow up to be dads and dads can’t have babies in their tummies. Ben seemed a little disappointed.
When I was telling Neil what Ben said, Ben quickly jumped in, “MOM! I was just JOking!”

Ben does not want to miss out on any fun, ever. This often results in bathroom accidents. It’s quite obvious when he needs to and should go to the bathroom because he starts squirming around and dancing. Lately when we ask him, “Ben do you need to go pee?” he answers us with, “No, I’m just dancing like a princess.”

“Ben, where’s Dotty?”
“On the rug. How many times do I have to tell yoU?”

I overheard this conversation between Seth and Ben:
Seth is that blood on his teeth?
Or is that just lava?
No, it’s blood.
AH! Get your blood teeth away from me!

Once while we were hanging out, Ben told me, “I really love Ciara and Gramma and Grampa- the Grampa that has hair.” (Ben distinguishes between his grandparents solely by who has hair and who does not.)
“Oh, that’s so nice Ben.”
“Yeah, I really love them because they have the movie ET.”

Ben makes us laugh everyday.

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