I’m doing it.

Okay so sometimes I make decisions without thinking them through. I just make them, really quick. Bam, decision made. It pretty much always works out.

I made one of these last minute, spur-of-the-moment decisions a week and a half ago.

Here’s what happened:

A friend posts on facebook: I want to go to a gym. Where should I go? (Something like that, anyway.)
Her friend comments on post: A new gym is opening in Dugald (5 minutes from where I live.)
I google said gym.
I see bootcamp classes are starting on Monday.
At 5:45 in the morning.
Three times a week.
And within a couple hours, I’m signed up for said classes.

What the what? Bootcamp?? 5:45 am?? What did I just do?

But, confession, it’s kind of great-slash-terrible.

My alarm goes off at 5:20 (horrors!) and I roll out of bed, get dressed, brush my teeth (already this is a huge improvement to my daily routine), get in the van and off I go.

Then I basically spend 45 minutes doing push-ups, burpees, cardio, core training (kill me now), and various other forms of torture; usually looking at the clock every 5 minutes praying that it’s 6:30 now. It’s hard. But I can do it, mostly, sometimes, usually. And then it’s done (it actually goes pretty fast, to be honest, after those first 15 minutes, anyway). Then I come home to a dark, quiet house (for at least 7 more minutes, anyway), hop in the shower, drink a cup of coffee that Neil made for me, and it’s only 7 in the morning! Amazing!

So it’s actually pretty awesome. I feel happy that I’m exercising, because even though I’m thin, I’m definitely not in good shape. I’m inspired to eat better, because if I’m going to work that hard, I’m not going to ruin it by eating too much crap (I had to eat up the Easter chocolates to get them out of the way, but now they’re gone, so problem solved!). I have more energy. Mostly. But getting up at 5:20 is a little tiring. Bedtime is a little earlier than it used to be to make up for that early morning.

Anyway, I’m doing it. Just for this month, probably, and then I’ll find something different. I don’t really want to get up that early for too many more times.

Right now I’m happy to be exercising and not completely hating it. It’s a step in the right direction.



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