Baby’s turn.

Before we went to bed last night, we prayed so hard that no one would wake up throwing up.

Well, we made it to four in the morning. The sounds of someone puking woke me up. It was Ivy this time. Poor little baby, she seemed to have it the worst, and spent a couple hours tossing and turning and puking. We went through 4 different sheets, in our and Ivy’s beds. There was puke in Ivy’s hair, probably some in mine, and Neil got blasted all over his t-shirt too. Poor Ivy. (And poor Neil, too. He’s not puke’s biggest fan.)

By about nine she was playing more, and she’s had some breakfast and kept it down, but she’s pooped out. I plopped her on the couch and she was asleep within a few minutes. I moved her into her crib and I really hope she’ll have a good long nap and wake up feeling much better.




Now we wait and see. Who’s next? It’s looking right now like Neil’s the front runner.


4 thoughts on “Baby’s turn.

  1. Laura says:

    Oh no! Ben was so sick too! Flu, puking and really bad diarrhea….so gross and smelly too. Bens lasted 48 hours….when we went to Leah’s two week appointment on Monday, doc said this is really going around right now. Uhhhhh, this winter and sicknesses have to end soon….

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