Oliver’s book of excuses.

Although Oliver is getting better and better at listening, he’s more likely to give you an excuse than to actually do what you’ve asked him to do.


Here are a few of his favorite excuses:

I just don’t even know what you guys are talking about.

          But I don’t care.

          I’m stingin.

          I’m cold.

          I’m tired.

          My whole body hurts.

          I just can’t even move.

          I’m afraid. (This one just used today after I asked him to pick up the toy cars.)

These excuses can be used interchangeably as a response to basically any request or statement.


ps. Yesterday someone googled “chickens riding in cars” and ended up here at my blog. That makes me laugh. Firstly because someone actually googled that. Secondly because my blog actually contains pictures of chickens riding in cars.

pps. I’m sure you’re relieved that this is not another stomach-flu related post. But in case you were wondering, Neil was sick within moments of my last post. Oliver and I are still going strong. We’ve decided not to get the flu.

One thought on “Oliver’s book of excuses.

  1. Courtney says:

    Oh! My son is his age and I have been hearing a lot of excuses that surprised me… “My stomach hurts” “I’m frustrated.” “That’s a bad idea” “I’m sick” (since he got to stay home from daycare one day with that one)…I guess its the age?? 🙂

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