Finally spring.

Thank goodness, spring finally came to Manitoba. In the last couple of days the temperatures shot up to the double digits and the snow melted away. Everyone came out from hibernating and the neighborhood was packed with people out walking, biking, and playing. Amazing.


Our kids spent hours outside over the last couple days. Ivy was thrilled to be in the backyard doing whatever she wanted. She loved it. Oliver quickly found his way back to the dirt that he has basically lived in every summer. Benjamin and Ivy followed suit and everyone came in that evening happy and dirty. The best.




Neil made us a sweet fire pit on Saturday and we all can’t wait to roast some marshmallows one evening this week. I’m looking forward to another epic summer. Pluuuuusssss only eight sleeps until Mexico! Happy days!


3 thoughts on “Finally spring.

  1. Karalyn says:

    hey are you working at all this week- Have some peso I’m trying to get rid or- it would only buy you a chocolate bar maybe but if you are there- I’ll bring it

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