Sewing for holidays :: camera strap, bag, and passport wallet.

So in the last month I’ve made four tutus, nine pocket squares, a camera bag, camera strap, and a passport wallet.

The tutus turned out freaking awesome, but you’ll have to wait until after the wedding to see them. Same with the pocket squares, but believe me when I say a two year old with a pocket square is an adorable thing.

Everything else I sewed in the last two days, and I feel ever-so-productive! Heck, I even cleaned out the fridge today! (But only because I don’t want Neil’s grandma, who’s house sitting next week, to be grossed out by my fridge.)

Anyway, on to the goods. My camera needed a new strap cover that fit properly, and I really wanted one with a lens cap pocket, because I put that thing down in the oddest places and then of course can never find it again. Hopefully that won’t happen with my new strap.


One of my favorite parts is the little bit of patchwork on the back of the strap. I didn’t have enough of the yellow and so I had to piece it with some other fabrics. I really love how it turned out.


I also made a little drawstring bag to put my camera in. It is lined and I put a layer of fusible fleece in there to give it a little more protection. I just wanted something small enough to throw in a bigger bag, and I think this will do the trick perfectly.


I followed this tutorial to make the bag. The only thing I did differently was that I didn’t sew in a casing. I didn’t feel like having it too “ruffly”. It was a really nice tutorial; a super easy way to make a lined bag.

Theeeeeeen I made a passport wallet. Neil was going to buy one the other day (apparently he didn’t think our ziploc bag was classy enough?) and I was all like, “No! I’ll make one!” and then I actually did! I used this pattern and I love it!


One of the things I love about it is the pocket on the back- perfect for holding travel documents or whatever else!


I love how it turned out. It really is much nicer than a ziploc bag.


Now my sewing for Mexico is all done, thank goodness. I am so ready to get outta here and get on the beach!


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