He is three now.

Oliver turned three while we were in Mexico. He was very excited about having his birthday.


We bought him a new bathing suit. He asked for one, and then picked it out, and then told me to just bring it home and wrap it up. So I did. The boys bought him a small Mater and Captain Hook. He played with those two little toys all week in Mexico. He’s easy to please.


I can hardly believe my baby boy is three already. He’s such a fun kid; easy-going, relaxed, and friendly. He can be such a little show-off sometimes, and we honestly really love that, since our oldest two have typically been so shy as littles.


Besides a couple months when he was a newborn, he’s generally been such an easy kid. He plays so well by himself, but happily plays with others too (unless it’s a certain little sister). The last six months or so haven’t been the easiest with him, though. He’s been extremely emotional and cries easily and often, it seems. He’s a master pouter, and regularly uses the phrases, “But I’m sad! I’m upset! I’m crying!” etc, etc. It’s getting a bit old and I hope he outgrows it and we see more of his happy little self again soon.


I just love Oliver’s silly little personality. He loves the camera/iPhone/iPad and as soon as he sees it is asking for you to take a picture of him (after which he insists on editing and sharing his picture via Instagram).


He’s a sweet little boy, always making good use of his imagination and a variety of sound effects. He loves building with legos, playing with any kind of “twoys”, and coloring.


He still usually really loves bathtime, although his baths are becoming more and more infrequent lately. He’s just too busy I think.


He loves his family, and he loves me. He is quick to tell me he loves me, always wants a cuddle or a hug, and gives kisses freely. The other day we were looking at a magazine together and he saw a perfume ad featuring Penelope Cruz. He said to me, “She’s pwetty.” Then he said, “She wooks wike you.” (Melt.) And then he went on to say, “I willy wike you.”


I really like you too Oliver. So so much.

Happy birthday baby boy.

4 thoughts on “He is three now.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    OK make me cry! So sweet! (disclaimer: the ‘rents just left so I’m extra emo. And yes, that IS possible.)

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