Ivy :: 16 months.

It’s been awhile since I did an Ivy update, and she just turned 16 months (whaaaa?) so it seemed like a good time to do it.

This little lady, whoah, she gives us a run for our money.


She is such a little firecracker. She knows what she wants. And what she doesn’t want. And she’s not afraid to tell you. By screaming bloody murder if you don’t comply.


I hauled her off screaming and kicking under my arm so many times in Mexico, it wasn’t even funny. She seems too cute to be a tyrant, but she is.


Oh but she’s also just so sweet. She’ll just melt your heart over and over again (usually just about around the time you’re ready to sell her to the circus…). She’s full of hugs, and kisses, and the biggest smiles.


She’s such a little adventurer; ready for fun and up for new experiences at all times. She has no fear, which causes us great fear. At the waterpark in Mexico she went under the water so many times, she probably swallowed half the pool, but she always came up smiling, and ready to do it again. She loves life.


She’s so friendly. Walking around the resort in Mexico, she waved at practically everyone. She’s started saying “Hi!” (sounds more like “aaaah!”) and she’s also nodding enthusiastically and sometimes even says yes, which sounds more like “ass” at this time, but hey, she’s a baby so she can get away with it.


She’s got her dad wrapped right around her finger, and she sure loves him so much too. She is always so excited to see him, and still calls most of us “Dada!”, although I’m starting to get Mama more often, finally!


We just love this little baby so intensely. She brings all of us so much joy and so many laughs (oh she has her brothers just about rolling on the floor they’re laughing so hard sometimes!). I’m sure she has many, many time-outs ahead of her, but I’m confident she’s going to be a really great kid. The life of the party, probably. Love you little princess!

2 thoughts on “Ivy :: 16 months.

  1. Dad says:

    She is all that I suppose, but she also has the ability to sit very quietly and peacefully, content to just watch others do life. Or has she outgrown that pleasant phase?

  2. Dad says:

    She is a beautiful sweet baby with so many smiles and chuckles……you are going to enjoy her! I love you Miss Ivy.

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