What can I say about Mexico?
I love Mexico. Hot weather, beautiful beaches, friendly people. The perfect combination for a perfectly relaxing vacation.
Unless you add kids.


At which point it becomes utterly exhausting.
To be honest, coming home from Mexico, I couldn’t even remember if we’d had a good time. It was so busy and so hot and just so tiring!


But then I looked through all of the pictures I’d taken and I remembered that, yes, we had a wonderful time. I don’t really ever want to do it again, but it was a lot of fun.


We traveled with my sister and her three kids. So if you’re good at math, you know that means 7 kids. All under 7 years old. We got a lot of crazy looks in airports. Well, and everywhere else too, really.


The kids did travel well though; only the littles cried a few times. Traveling with Ivy was like traveling with a honey badger, but at least she was a happy honey badger.

The kids all had such a great time in Mexico. They loved the pool and they loved the beach and they loved the food. It was so hot and we did so much walking but they were such little troopers, all of them.



It was so nice for the kids to be able to spend so much time with their cousins. The days we did spend apart we were asked over and over again where the girls were.


Ivy was constantly doted on by everyone, but especially by her cousins. She just ate it up. She loves her big girl cousins so much.


It was a busy week with my sister getting married. We missed out on some stuff simply because we had four kids to take care of, which is too bad, but that’s the way it goes I guess! I don’t even really have any pictures of my sister on her wedding day!


(Do you see Ivy napping on the balcony?)




The first day we were in Mexico the ocean was so calm, you could see fish and even rays swimming around. It freaked the kids out a bit, but once they worked up the nerve, they had a great time in there. Except Oliver, he never would try it out.





He would go in to his ankles, and that was fine, but mostly he was happy to just play in the sand. Nothing beats the sand and a shovel and pail, really.


Our resort had hammocks everywhere, which was great because it meant we didn’t have to go back to the room for naps ever. Ivy slept a couple times a day, and even Oliver climbed in to a hammock for a nap every day. To be honest, Oliver probably did the most relaxing of any of us, lucky guy.




There was one brief stretch of time on our last day that we got to be child-free with my sister and brother-in-law and brother and sister-in-law. We really packed a lot of good times into those precious few hours.




Even though it was not a peaceful or relaxing holiday by any means, we had a really great time as a family. It was nice to have a whole week to just play.





Mexico, I hope I see you again soon. Just maybe without the kids next time.



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