Sewing for Ivy :: Pleated Pantsuit.

Elegance and Elephants was looking for some pattern testers for a sweet little pantsuit, so I volunteered.

Then I realized that was a while ago and now it was due in a few days and I had no fabric and no time to go fabric shopping with all these kids I have. So I hunted around in my “old clothes that we don’t wear anymore but might make good new clothes” bin, and I found this dress that I wore approximately one and a half times.


It was gonna be a stretch to get enough fabric out of it to make something new for Ivy, and actually I didn’t have QUITE enough, so I used a bit of another old dress for the back bodice piece. I kinda like it that way actually.


It was a bit tricky sewing with this fabric. I don’t know what it is, but it’s kind of flimsy and slippery. It worked out though, and I really love the contrasting pockets and bodice lining. I don’t think I’ve ever sewn pockets before, and now I wonder why.


Ivy, of course, looks super cute in it. The flimsy-ness of the fabric makes the pantsuit super comfy, and gives it a sweet little vintage vibe I think.


Getting a picture of a 17 month old that is not blurry is a constant challenge for me; one that involves bribes and then usually tears (either from Ivy or maybe even from myself). Today is a very rainy day, so that combined with the natural squirminess of a toddler leaves me with all blurry pictures. I will try for better ones another day…


Here’s a shot of that back bodice:


Despite her refusal to stay still or smile for pictures, she’s still so darling, right?


As for the Pleated Pantsuit, it’s a super cute little pattern, and it comes in size 12 months all the way up to 8/9. It also comes in shorts length. The pattern was just released today, aaaaaand it’s free! So head on over and get it for yourself!


One thought on “Sewing for Ivy :: Pleated Pantsuit.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    Again, you are amazing!! I wish Ames wasn’t such a tank so I could claim it for when Ivy outgrows it! So sad.

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