This is a nice day.

I was going to go to Ikea to buy some kitchen chairs this morning. Ivy was super cranky and obnoxious and I was hoping getting out of the house would cheer her up. Then I realized it’s sort of ridiculous to go to Ikea with three kids, and how would I load up chairs and big stuff on one of those carts while I have a baby with me. So, shopping postponed. Decided to stay home.

Then I cleaned my room. Like really cleaned it. And Ivy and Oliver’s room too. Changed sheets and vacuumed and everything. And oh, clean bedrooms make me feel so happy. I feel like I’ve been chipping away at our bedroom for weeks (months?) and I feel so nice now that it’s clean. I even did two loads of laundry, including putting them away! That is major, my friends.

I also put a coat of paint on our kitchen stools, that I started priming approximately two months ago.


And then I did a session of my Shoot Fly Shoot class.


And now I’m just hanging out, listening to the kids play outside through my open window, and waiting for Ivy to wake up from her nap. I need to go clean the kitchen and the livingroom, but so far it’s been a really nice day. I’ve got a big bag of rhubarb that a friend brought over that will make a yummy dessert for later, too.

A pic from yesterday, just because I like it:


(That one kid’s not mine, in case you were confused…)


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