Deedee 2 is a no go.

So you’ve probably noticed that in like 90% of pictures of Ivy, she has her little blankie with her. She calls it “Deedee”. We used to have three, I think, and then we were down to two, which we alternated pretty much daily.


Then, in Mexico, we lost our back-up.

You HAVE to have a back-up. If you’re down to one, and you lose it, you’ll never sleep again. So I asked a friend to pick us up a new one at Indigo when she was there. Except apparently they don’t carry them anymore. Shoot. But not the end of the world. I googled it and found it on a few different sites. For about twice as much as I originally paid, but if you’ve ever had a kid with a lovey, you know you’ll pay any amount of money to make sure your kid has that lovely for.ever. In fact, when Ben was a baby, we had to buy TWO off of eBay for probably a total of almost A HUNDRED DOLLARS. Yeah, for reals. Because the original cost a whole $12 at Target several years earlier. They appreciate in value or something.

Anyway, ordered a new one. No big deal. It came in the mail. Man, it was sooooo fluffy compared to original deedee.


Apparently a little too fluffy. Ivy held it for a mere two seconds before tossing it down like we’d just handed her a poison apple.

I can see the problem. Deedee’s tail has been chewed on and rubbed on Ivy’s nose for countless hours; to the point where it is now skinny and crispy.


Deedee 2’s tail is very soft. You cannot properly rub a nose with a tail that soft. I tried to convince Ivy it would be good. I chewed on Deedee 2’s tail a bit. Yeah, I did.

Still no go. If she’s crying, and you hand her the wrong deedee, you are dead meat.

So, we’re basically screwed. In an effort to stave off disaster, I’m putting Deedee 2 in the washing machine EVERY DAY (sometimes twice a day, it’s true), hoping it will de-fluff. I will also protect original Deedee like it’s the crown jewels. We can never, never, NEVER lose it. Our quality of sleep is poor enough already. If we lose Deedee, it’ll be at least another year before we sleep again. We are, essentially, slaves to Deedee. Ivy loves Deedee so much, she even insisted on bringing it in the bath with her the other night.

You’re probably like, “Insisted? She’s one, Nikki, come on.” You don’t know!! She insisted!! It only took her seconds to realize that that was a really bad idea.


She went to bed with a damp deedee that night. This is that intense, friends.

May we never lose the deedee.



2 thoughts on “Deedee 2 is a no go.

  1. Karalyn says:

    oh, we have a beau beau at our house- the monkey from chapters…I do worry about losing him too and we don’t have back up- maybe I should get a new one and start washing….I agree with the sleep piece- whatever works!

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