Why don’t I just move in to the walk-in clinic?

So Seth had had this fever/cough/no appetite/tummy ache/etc since Saturday,but I really did think hewas starting to feel better yesterday morning. When he was still sleeping at 11 am (after going back to bed at 7:30 or something), I started to wonder.

And then when he woke up he was freaking out. Crying. Writhing in pain. His tummy hurt so bad, he said. He was actually crying out, “I can’t take it anymore!” (Which is sort of adorable in a terribly sad way coming from a six year old.) It was so sad, and I just didn’t know what to do. He’d been sick since Saturday night, and it was Wednesday afternoon, and he was definitely worse, not better. When I tried to touch his stomach, he actually yelled out. Maybe it was something really, really bad. I just had no idea. So Neil came home from work and I took Seth to the emergency room. When Neil got home Seth was still crying very hard on the couch that his tummy hurt so bad.

Neil carried him to the truck, where Seth immediately threw up. In Neil’s hand. Neil’s so good at stuff like that. Just a champ, really.

Back in the house, wash hands, wait and see if more puke is coming, then back to the truck. With a big bowl just in case.

We got to the hospital and Seth was still so uncomfortable; he could barely walk from the truck to the emergency department. Halfway there he started throwing up on the hospital grass. He kept throwing up and throwing up and was obviously distressed. A lady walked by and was like, “Oh, does he have a tummy ache?” and I’m like, “Duh” but just said “yes” instead, after which she proceeded to tell me how gingerale always helps her kids when they have a tummy ache. Really, lady? GINGERALE? My kid is vomiting at the side of the emergency department’s sidewalk and you are suggesting I try GINGERALE? I was so annoyed. (Yes, I know that gingerale can maybe help an upset tummy, but I would have hoped the lady could tell that Seth was a little past the gingerale point in a tummy ache!) Some people.

Anyway we did make it in, and the triage nurse took Seth’s vital signs. He had a little fever, but better than he had before. His pulse was kind of up too. She told us there was a wait (the waiting room was PACKED) but they would try to accomodate us because Seth needed to be seen. She was a really great nurse, actually, really taking such good care of a room full of people who had been waiting all day (the computer screen said the longest someone had been waiting was over seven hours…). She even brought people hamburgers.

So we waited. And waited. And waited. Three hours. By which point Seth was MUCH less distressed (and actually had been pretty much since the moment we found a chair in the waiting room, of course). I asked the nurse how much longer. She told me still a couple hours. I asked her if we should just go to the walk-in clinic. She didn’t recommend it, because what if he needed an appendicitis work-up or something. Never mind the fact that I could get to a walk-in and wait three hours over there.

I decided to call the walk-in, just to see if people actually answer phones over there, and better yet, if they would actually answer questions related to wait times.

Well wouldn’t you know, someone answered the phone, and then proceeded to tell me there was NO WAIT TIME.

I practically dragged Seth out of that emergency room. Once we got to the walk-in clinic (where I’ve been on what feels like a semi-monthly basis), we were in the office in THREE MINUTES.

Where Seth was diagnosed with AN EAR INFECTION.


Anyway, by the time we got home, Seth was feeling much better, even ate a good amount of supper and then ran around in the sprinkler. I’m hoping with a dose of antibiotics and a good night’s sleep under his belt in the morning that he’ll be good to go. I’ll be happy to see the healthy Seth again.

4 thoughts on “Why don’t I just move in to the walk-in clinic?

  1. Carla says:

    It’s so stressful, isn’t it? I think it might be worse in our career too… I know I feel a lot of pressure to be able to assess what is going on & deal with it without going to the doctor. I took J in this week for a cray allergic reaction to a mosquito bite & was told to keep doing what I was doing & put hydrocortisone on it. It was frustrating in a way because I wanted a better answer than that! I wish we had some sort of Web Doctor service where you could do a Skype consult or something like that.

    • Nikki says:

      that would be awesome carla!
      and of course, this afternoon/evening ivy’s been pulling at her ears like crazy and then when i put her to bed she went down screaming. if i have to go BACK to the walk-in tomorrow i’m going to lose. my. mind.

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