Ivy’s morning.

You can pack a lot into a morning when you’re 17 months old.

Play on your brother’s freshly made bed.



Put a bowl on your head.


Climb on the dog.


Kiss the dog’s foot.


Kiss the dog’s face.



Open and close a door 17 times.


Insist on wearing three pairs of underwear that are 4 sizes too big. At the same time.


And nap.


All that and more, really.

I realize I’ve been a deliquent blogger. I blame sick children, summer FOMO, working outside the home, and to-do lists a mile long. If you’re one of my eight regular readers who isn’t on my facebook and is wondering how things are going around here, I had to go back to the walk-in clinic for a third time, two days after our last trip. I brought Ivy because she was having trouble with her ears again, and got Oliver checked out while I was there, just because he seemed kind of out of it. Ivy had another ear infection, and Oliver had tonsillitis and bronchitis. Six days later, I think everyone’s pretty much healthy. Ben seems to have skipped this virus, knock on wood and thank goodness.

Hope to be back here one day soon, but no promises.


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