Life is just a blur, it seems. Weeks fly by so quickly, I lose track of what month we’re in sometimes. How can it be almost July, seriously!!

We’ve been busy playing outside in the sunshine and in the puddles. There have been some crazy storms around over the last week or two! I couldn’t even make it to work my regular route the other day, the streets were flooded out!


The boys cheered on the Blackhawks and the Bruins in the playoffs. Seth was happy the Blackhawks won, everybody else, not so much.


Neil’s grandma died on Sunday, which is really sad, because she was a truly amazing lady. But the upside of funerals is you get to hang out with everybody that you hardly ever see. It was really nice to spend time with Neil’s family. Neil and some other grandchildren did the eulogy and he did such a good job, even though it was so hard. Grandma Jean was such a good grandma!


Ivy was so happy to play with her cousin Leila, who’s a couple months older and a couple inches taller. They gave each other lots of hugs, but Ivy also gave Leila a lot of smacks and shoves, and Leila wasn’t Ivy’s biggest fan by the end a couple days. Ivy’s a bully and I’m not sure exactly what to do about that…


My great-uncle died last night and that’s sad, too, because he was a really good guy. I know my mom and my grammy and her sisters are all really gonna miss him. We haven’t been to any funerals in years and now I guess we’ll go to two in a week. Yeesh.

uncle adam

(That’s my mom and her Uncle Adam.)

It seems like a good time for a new season, and I’m glad that summer holidays start tomorrow! We’ve got our summer bucket list ready and taped up on the wall and I hope we can get all of it crossed off this summer!


Neil and I are celebrating our 11th anniversary on Saturday. We’re ditching the kids with various family members for the weekend and we are so excited.

Happy summer, everyone!


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