Seth is 7.

Today is Seth’s 7th birthday. I can hardly believe that he has been around for 7 whole years already. He’s the one who made me a mother, and I’m so glad he did.

Seth, you are such a good kid.

You are so smart. You love to learn. You read all the time, and your favorite kind of books are always the encyclopedia kind- you love learning about different habitats and different kinds of animals.


You also love to draw. You burn through paper like a drawing maniac, churning out a pile of creative drawings every day. Lately you’re usually drawing some kind of complicated scene involving bad guys and good guys, different kinds of weapons, and tricky traps.


You’re a wonderful big brother. You always help me out when I need help with your little brothers and sister, and I often don’t even have to ask. When I do ask you to help me out, you jump and run to do it; I hardly ever have to ask you twice.


You’re so caring with your brothers and sister, trying to help them out when they feel sad. I find you cuddling them, or encouraging them, or trying to involve them in what you’re doing. I know sometimes they drive you crazy, but you are so patient with them, and I appreciate it. You are a good role model to them.


You are a pretty quiet kid, and sometimes I feel like I hardly see you, because you’re busy building legos or drawing or reading or just hanging out alone. I kind of miss you a little bit now that you’re so big and independent.


You’re a good friend. You get along with everyone and I know you never exclude anyone in your play. It takes you awhile to call someone “friend”, but I know you’re friendly to everyone you meet.

I love you Seth, and I’m proud of you. I’m happy that you’re my kid. I wish you’d stop growing so fast, and I’m pretty upset that you don’t even like me to hug you at the bus stop anymore, but that’s okay I guess, as long as you keep hugging me at home.


Happy birthday big kid. You’re the best 7 year old I know.


4 thoughts on “Seth is 7.

  1. Lori-Vancouver Airbnb says:

    Happy 7th Birthday Seth! It was so great to see you last week & I enjoyed watching you read to your brothers and sister. Maybe next time we’ll get out to your house:)
    Take care,
    Auntie Lori & Uncle D’Arcy

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