His party.

Seth wanted an “indian” birthday party this year. I told him how bout we call it aboriginal from now on, and let’s go for it.

We kept it pretty simple. Seth made his invitations himself.


We set up the teepee (from Christmas) in the backyard.


We bought a bow and arrow and Neil built a sweet little target set-up.


I made tribal headbands. We got some face paint.


And we were set.


It was a success. The kids loved the bow and arrow. Neil was the coach/instructor/helper while I tried to keep babies and distracted children from getting shot. I was kind of bad at my job, and Neil had to do both jobs from time to time, but he obviously killed it, because we proudly report that the party was injury free.

Check out these kids’ intense faces!




And this is just a straight-up brag on my kid: Seth is REALLY good at archery! I mean, he really is. He only had a couple practice sessions before the party, and he really is a natural. It’s pretty sweet to watch him.


Obviously there was cake and presents. This year we got Seth a hockey stick and ball and a ginormous lego set. His friends got him some Skylanders, lego, hero factory, and a really neat bug/tadpole aquarium sort of thing. He was stoked.





Anyway, another party done. And weirdly, no more until Ivy turns two next January. Apparently all of my kids are born in the first half of the year, and I never realized that till just now.

5 thoughts on “His party.

  1. SusanHiebert says:

    what a wonderful idea for a kid’s party and great pictures too. Seth is a lucky kid to have such amazing parents.

  2. Lori-Vancouver Airbnb says:

    You guys rock…clean, simple, crafty, fun! Maybe Seth will take up Archery like Uncle Bob did (Auntie Carol’s son). Uncle D’Arcy was pretty good too in his day! He’ll want to get back out there to try it out!

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