The future looks bleak.

Not all of the future, just the part about sleeping. I’m feeling like it will be a hundred years before I get to consistently sleep through the night again. Four kids is just too many. The odds are just not in your favor when you’re outnumbered that badly. If the baby finally starts sleeping through the night (sometimes, maybe, when the stars are aligned, and for the three nights a month that she isn’t sick), then the five year old has a bad dream. Two if we’re lucky. If the bad dreams finally leave him alone, the seven year old gets poison ivy, or the three year old is thirsty, always thirsty. Stuff like that leaves me with a nice three hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep and then three hours of being interrupted four times, then being woken at 5:55 by a baby who thinks that’s an appropriate hour to wake up lately. Now it’s 7:30 in the morning and Ivy’s on her second breakfast, that she didn’t even really want. I think she’s just bored because her brothers are still sleeping. The fact that all three of them are still sleeping is a small miracle, and probably partially due to the fact that there was Benadryl involved, but it does give me a tiny tiny bit of hope regarding sleep in the future. I find myself doing math all the time, equations like, “So Seth sleeps through the night pretty much 99 out of 100 times, and he’s seven, and Ivy will be seven in five and a half years, so in 2018 I should be able to sleep through the night more than once a week.” Maybe. I try not to get my hopes up.

In other news, Ivy can consistently blow an amazing spit bubble.


Also, she learned how to say “birdy” (this baby girl loves her some birds) and calls me “mommy”, so that makes not sleeping through the night all worth it, right?


5 thoughts on “The future looks bleak.

  1. mammma says:

    Oh Nikki…. I did all that math too – and I also did the one day my kids will be: 26, 28, 30 and 32 and I can’t believe that has happened, and I do sleep through the night! Thank the Lord for the weekends sans kids so you can sleep! It will pass and you will sleep again.

  2. Carla says:

    Amazingly enough I was just pondering this same thought at 6am when I was woken up for the second time in 5 hours when I only had 6 hours to sleep… United & sleepless we stand!

  3. Susan Beauchamp says:

    You tempt me to go dig out one of my old journals where I had poured out my thoughts about the same sleep issues. One difference of course is that there was no facebook or blogs so only God and I saw what I wrote. I must say those are top notch spit bubbles!! P.S. Steph and Darryl met Ivy and your mother-in-law on the walking path the other day. She called Darryl “Daddy” . They think the connection must be the tattoos 🙂 Anyways, she made their day 🙂

  4. Deanna McCowan says:

    Glad, not really but you know what I mean, that I’m not the only one still not STTN. A got me up a record 6 times one night in the hotel. Actually I’m pretty sure it was more but I was too tired to count. Also I noticed I have a LOT more wrinkles since the move. Not cool.

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