Looking a little rough.

So Seth got a bad case of poison ivy last weekend. It’s all over his wrists, hands, face, eyes, ears, thighs, and, ahem, you know. It’s pretty terrible.


Luckily he hasn’t been TOO itchy and some lotion and benadryl has kept him mostly comfortable, although he definitely seems out-of-sorts and just kind of sad or something. His face looks so awful, it makes me sad too.



And speaking of awful looking faces, Dotty had a run-in with a whack of mosquitos last night and had some kind of insane allergic reaction. We came home from an evening out, and the babysitter had just let her in and discovered that her face was HUGE. Dotty seriously looked like a cartoon character.


Ridiculous. Anyway, she got some benadryl too and was looking much better by the morning, although she still has some spots that are a little swollen.


Poor Seth and poor Dotty.


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