It got worse.

Yesterday I said that Seth was doing pretty good with the poison ivy; that it wasn’t bothering him too much. But then he woke up in the middle of the night last night FREAKING OUT. He was basically thrashing around in his bed crying at the top of his lungs. Nothing we did seemed to help. We finally convinced him to get in an oatmeal bath and at some point the benadryl must have kicked in, because he calmed down. We re-calamined him up and tucked him back in bed. He didn’t last too long in there and climbed in bed with us at some point. He stayed in bed with us for several hours, and let me tell you, sharing a bed with a 7 year old covered in itchy poison ivy is not awesome. It was basically a night-long kick/thrash fest. (Interestingly enough, Neil wasn’t even aware that Seth spent any time in our bed at all last nice. How nice for him.)

In the morning I was making breakfast when Seth wandered out of bed and came up to me saying, “Mom, I don’t think I look like me.”

And he definitely did not look like him.


His face was so swollen. It was terrible! So we packed it up and went to the walk-in clinic where we got a prescription for prednisone. Seth’s first “pill” prescription, and he swallowed all 4 pills in one gulp, first try, like a pro. I’m hoping he’ll be feeling much better very soon. Right now his face is still pretty puffy, but definitely a little better than this morning.

I feel so bad for him, just covered in this insane rash, but he’s been such a trooper about it. I honestly can’t even imagine how uncomfortable it must be. Poison ivy is ridiculous.


3 thoughts on “It got worse.

  1. Kym & Rodney says:

    I hope that prednisone works. I know it’s a nasty drug but it is serious magic for poison ivy. Wishing your little man a speedy and itch less recovery!

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