We all slept.

Last night the kids were up late. They were, of course, still up at their usual time this morning. The big boys went to VBS so I knew everyone would be tired this afternoon.

I put Ivy for a nap and then I put all the boys for a quiet time, hoping they would fall asleep. Oliver did eventually, but Seth and Ben didn’t, which wasn’t really all that surprising.

Oliver looked so cozy, sleeping upside down in my bed, that I just had to join him.


I climbed in and fell asleep right away.

At some point I felt a little body climb in behind me and wrap his little arms around my neck.

I woke up half an hour later and that little body was Seth, and he was sleeping. Seth naps like once a year- this is a pretty unusual occurence!


I went looking for Ben. I figured he would be playing lego somewhere, but he wasn’t in his bedroom, and he wasn’t in the livingroom.

I went back to my bedroom and found him sleeping on the floor beside my bed.


I almost died of the sweetness that was my three boys all napping together. My heart is full; I am so blessed to be their mother.


Ivy slept the entire time too. I’m not sure that all four kids have EVER napped at the same time before. This was an epic napping day!



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