The annual camping trip.

Every summer we go camping at Rushing River. We love it there. But this year, the forecast was junk, so we last-minute-switched to Spruce Woods. We got there and Neil declared it a dump, but it didn’t take him too long to change his mind.


I actually think this may have been our most successful and best camping trip so far. I think this has less to do with the locale and more to do with the fact that we are now seasoned camping experts, combined with the fact that we had no tiny babies camping with us this year.



This was also one of the first years we didn’t wake up in either a puddle of rainwater or a puddle of pee, so that was a treat.


The weather was definitely on the cool side, but that made it perfect for long bonfires and long hikes. We hiked over 12 km in two days with the kids. We even braved the hike to the Devil’s Punch Bowl- SEVEN KM! It took us almost three hours. We definitely didn’t think that one through as much as we should have, but the kids were such troopers, we were so happy we did it. Even our little lazybones Oliver ran almost the whole return trip of the hike- nearly an hour. Everyone slept good that night, let me tell you!




We had read that this part of Manitoba is the only place you can find the Western Hognose Snake, and the boys were REALLY hoping we would see one. Wouldn’t you know, Neil spotted one just as we got to the punch bowl. It was so neat. Hognose snakes play dead, and it was pretty cool to see it flip over on it’s back with it’s mouth open and it’s tongue hanging out. The hognose snake is a protected species and we were so lucky to see one.


We did another hike to the sand dunes. The kids thought that was awesome. They loved running down the big dune.




We spent hours by the fire, roasted and ate so many marshmallows, slept in till 8:30 (amazing!!), and really just had such a good time.



Our last morning we packed up and Neil was just pulling the tarp over the truck box when the rain started. Timing couldn’t have been better! I had so much fun, I wish we could squeeze in another camping trip before the summer ends.


One thought on “The annual camping trip.

  1. Lee Hills says:

    Sounds like a great trip! As a campfire person, wondered if you might be interested in the IncinerGrate from FIREase. Neat new product. Not for backpacking, yet, but if you have campfires at home, worth a look see.

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