Summer. I look forward to it for the ten months of the year that it is gone. It always goes so fast and I like to do as much fun stuff as I can in those two short months.

We have done a lot this summer, but I still feel like this summer’s been a little “meh”. I don’t really know why. Maybe because this is one of the first summers I’ve worked in a long time, besides a little bit here and there. I’m only working two or three days a week but it really cuts into life anyway. I’m not sure how the full-timers out there do it.

Maybe I just need to lower my expectations of what a great summer is. Maybe I need to just remember that the house can be a bit messier (if that’s even possible- it’s already a disaster) and I can sit outside with the kids a little bit longer, with no “agenda”. Just sit and enjoy the sunshine.

Regardless of what it is with my humdrum attitude with summer, I better get over it and make the best of the last couple weeks. In two weeks I’ll have two kids in school, and I know I’ll miss the summer holidays.

Today, even though I’m not happy about being woken by crying toddlers in the six o’clock hour, I am happy to have this sweet little smiling face around. And three others, too, lucky me!


Also, my computer is scaring me lately, with it’s hundreds (thousands?) of pictures and videos all piled up on iPhoto in no real order, so I’ve just been avoiding it altogether. That’s one of my excuses for not blogging. Just so you know. Also, I’m busy bingeing on Homeland. Thank goodness we only have three episodes of the 2nd season left to watch; I could use the extra time…

One thought on “Meh.

  1. Laura Thomas says:

    Nikki! I love reading your blog, its so great!
    I had to comment that my husband and I are homeland addicts!! Two episodes left in season one though! Love it!! Enjoy the rest of your summer with your beautiful kidlets!!

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