Sunday, funday.

We made the most of summer yesterday.

Every Sunday in the summer our church has fun stuff outside, like big bouncers and petting zoos. My kids, especially Ivy, are crazy about petting zoos.


Whenever Ivy sees anyone pick up an animal, she assumes that since they could, so can she. She tried to pick up giant bunnies, ducks, pigs, and goats. (Once, she saw Neil pick up Dotty. When Neil put Dotty down, Ivy walked over and confidently put her arms around Dotty’s 60 pound body, and tried to lift her up. She was sure she was going to be able to do it.)


Oliver was really good at catching ducks this time. He wasn’t that good at holding onto them once he caught them though.



Seth caught everything and anything.



After the petting zoo we stopped and grabbed some groceries, brought Ivy home for a nap, and then packed a picnic for an afternoon at the beach.


It was the perfect beach day, hot and sunny.



The kids played in the water for HOURS. Ivy almost drowned herself at least three times. She always came up sputtering and smiling though.



Neil taught the kids how to skip stones. Classic.



The kids caught frogs, then put them on my back.



(Believe it or not, that frog was still alive. Just relaxing, maybe?)

We ended up staying at the beach for almost five hours. It was really one of the best days ever.


We ended the day with a naked gymnastics show by Ivy.


Those tan lines kill me. And these little buns. I just need to pinch them.


Hope you all had a funday Sunday too. Only one more Sunday left this summer; I can hardly believe it.

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