Catching up.

Okay so I can’t actually catch up on blogging because I’m so far behind. I start posts in my head all the time but they never seen to make it to the computer. That’s unfortunate because I don’t actually remember the posts I start in my head, whereas if they were actually officially blogged, I would have them forever. Must. Try. Harder. Life speeds by. It’s Friday again already, and weeks have gone by without officially posting. So today I sit down with my coffee and start typing before I start doing something else (on today’s agenda: fridge cleaning! laundry! sewing! work!).

Seth and Ben are off to school, Seth with a wiggly tooth and all. It’s been well over a year since that kid lost a tooth, so I guess he’s about due. Oliver and Ivy are sitting on the kitchen floor coloring on big sheets of paper, Ivy wearing nothing but a winter coat and panties (or “pampies” as she prefers to call them). They’re not fighting yet, so we’re off to a good start.

Oliver is our little lazy bones and he loves quiet play. Blocks, play-dough, coloring, etc., but most  of all, video games.


I have no doubt that he would play on the iPad for the entire day if we let him. He probably wouldn’t even eat. He’s an addict, at the tender age of 3. I’m starting to think he needs a detox, but I’m too afraid to do it. Those days that I work until midnight and am up at 6, I need a little nap, and the iPad lets me have one, every time. I’m sure some play-dough would do the same for me, but the iPad is so much less messy.

I love him in spite of his addiction. Maybe because of the hilarious things he says. While I was getting him dressed the other day (why am I still getting him dressed? I don’t know.), he sweetly told me, “I’m gonna shoot your guts out! But not aaaallll your guts.” Aw, thanks buddy.

He also sat on my lap and farted, and when I scolded him for it he said, “But mom, my fart came out like a flower.” Um, not so much, but good try.

This cold fall morning I was again getting him dressed, and he was cold. He said, “Mom! I’m really cold! I can’t stop being freezed!”

I’ll give him that. It is cold in the mornings. Like see your breath cold. I pulled the winter coats and mitts and hats out, but I stopped at the snow pants. I’m not there yet.

Speaking of techie addicts, Ivy’s pretty much as addicted as Oliver. She can work her way around the iPhone like a seasoned pro, and she loves it like it’s her baby. I can’t even use my phone without her screaming “BABIES!!!” at me, begging to look through the photostream which is full of pictures of babies. Babies known as Ivy. As I type, she and Oliver have both put down the crayons and climbed up to sit beside me, where Ivy grabbed my phone and started playing games while Oliver looks over her shoulder and tries to “help” her until she starts yelling “NO!” at him. I’m at a loss.


In other news, Ivy got a haircut. Good-bye mullet, hello tiny bangs. She sat in the chair getting her hair done like she’s had a hundred haircuts. I didn’t even know she could sit that still, but she does love getting her hair done.


She also loved having me take pictures of her haircut. She really got into the posing. I don’t even know where she learned that kind of thing.



We also got a gecko. You know, because when you have four kids and a dog, you should probably get one more thing to take care of. Preferably something that needs to be fed live bugs. Aww but it’s so cute and small, I actually really love it. It’s name is Yoda for now, but if down the road we discover it’s a girl, Ben suggests we call it Mrs. Yoda. Very clever Ben, very clever.


All the kids love Yoda, especially Ivy. She thinks it’s hilarious when Yoda stalks and catches crickets and she loves holding him and having her crawl on her. She has no fear of any animals/insects/etc. but take her anywhere close to the guy in a giant panda costume and she literally covers her eyes and turns her head away, she’s so scared.


More news, my brother had a baby. Well technically, my sister-in-law did. She popped out my niece like nobody’s business-apparently she was made to give birth. Talasi was born on October 7th and she looks absolutely adorable, don’t you think?


Unfortunately she’s all the way in Vancouver and I can’t cuddle her until Christmas. Sad!

Okay so as my word count here reaches 800+, it’s time to stop and get back to reality. If you read this whole thing, pat yo’self on the back, and thanks.


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