I was a crazy person for Halloween.

At least, I behaved like one. Not because it was halloween, although maybe I should say I was just getting into the spirit of the holiday, but because I stayed up too late, got up too early, got my period, and got crazy. I was not a good mom at all. I was losing my marbles at every turn, yelling at the drop of a hat, and tearing up over the most minor offenses. I was driving myself crazy, trying so hard to pull it together, to calm myself down, and to stop acting like a lunatic. But no matter how hard I tried to regain control, I just couldn’t. It was one dumb thing after another, and each thing made me madder and madder and crazier and crazier. I had to wake Ivy up from her nap to pick kids up at preschool! CRAZY! Ben’s water bottle spilled all over his backpack and it took me TEN WHOLE MINUTES to reassemble it properly! CRAAZY! Oliver fell asleep on the couch right before I had to leave to bring other kids to swimming! CRAAAZZZZY!

In real life, these things should not have been so upsetting to me at all. I hate it when my emotions turn me into a basket case. I feel like I should be “better than that”, like I should be able to recognize what my problem is and solve it. Usually I can, I guess, so when I can’t, it feels even worse.

So after a whole day of near insanity on my part, I had all the kids loaded in to the van to drive them to swimming lessons. I was teetering on the edge for sure. Probably very close to checking myself into somewhere with padded walls. And then a car passed me on the gravel road and threw up a rock and CHIPPED MY WINDSHIELD.

What. the. (insert swear word of choice here).

Are you (insert more swear words here) kidding me??!

That was the last straw. I lost my mind. In my head, mostly, because there were kids in the car, but still. Mind. Lost.

And then literally like 15 seconds later, ANOTHER car passed me and ANOTHER rock hit my windshield. This time it did not crack the window, but I swear, if I hadn’t had a windshield, that rock would have hit me RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYEBALLS.

And then I just thought, “Wow. I am totally crazy right now.” I seriously felt like God threw that rock at my windshield and was like, “NIKKI. Settle the heck down. RIGHT. NOW.” Really, I might have even heard Him say it.

And finally, for the first time all day, I did. I breathed. And for the first time all day, I prayed. I asked God to please, please quiet my mind. To bring calmness to my spirit. To settle me.

And he did. Just like that. Like honestly, I went from crazy to mostly normal in a matter of tiny minutes.

Isn’t it amazing how God cares about us so much? How he cares about our out-of-control hormones and roller-coaster emotions? How he wants peace and joy in our every day going-abouts? Even just our trips to the pool, he cares about? I’m so thankful for that.

I’m thankful that those two rocks hit my windshield in those two minutes and that it was finally enough for me to ask for help. The rest of my day was so much better, thank goodness. I was so excited about halloween and I just really wasn’t sure how I was going to have any fun at all or how I was even going to be able to tolerate the little trick-or-treaters coming to my door. But I did, and the kids did.

They dressed up and we painted their faces, and they trick-or-treated and I handed out candies and it was another great one.

Ivy was a little skeleton. She loved having me paint her face so much. She sat patiently while I did it. Then we went to the livingroom window to watch for kids and she bit by bit wiped almost all of it off of her face and then onto the livingroom window. She’s so sweet that way.


Oliver was a racoon. We had got him this racoon hoodie at Old Navy awhile ago, and so we just added some black sweat pants and some face paint, and a little racoon tail I sewed out of a couple old t-shirts. Probably the cutest racoon ever, right?


(Yes, I realize my face painting skills are sadly lacking.)

Ben wanted to be a minion from Despicable Me, and we had a good starting point because my mom had given all the kids minion hats last month. I took a yellow t-shirt of Neils, turned it inside out, cut up an old blue t-shirt, safety pinned it to the shirt, added some sharpie marker embellishments, and voila! He was really happy with how it turned out, and so was I. And now that halloween is over, I can just unpin the blue scraps and Neil can have his t-shirt back.


Seth went back and forth between ninja and pirate this year but eventually settled for pirate, thank goodness. I’m getting bored of the ninjas. We happened to have some hand-me-down pirate costume pieces around, I sewed an eye patch, and Neil painted Seth’s face, and there ya go, a perfect pirate.


They’re a cute bunch, my little trick or treaters, and I appreciate all the candy they bring home to me. I never trick-or-treated as a kid, and I definitely live vicariously through these kids now! Hope you all had a fun (not crazy) halloween too.


Ps. One more pic of the racoon tail, because I love it so much.



3 thoughts on “I was a crazy person for Halloween.

  1. Dad says:

    That’s a great story Nikki. I think God probably did throw that rock at your window. Kinda like the time he had that bird poop on my head!

  2. Mom says:

    My heart broke for you Nicole when I read this post! But I am thankful that you were able to call out to God to help you through these tough moments.

  3. Maureen says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that has tough days! I’ve only got one and often wonder how you do it and make it look so easy! Making dinner is a daily struggle and there you go getting kids off to swimming and making the CUTEST Halloween costumes! Hats off to you Momma!

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