2:03 and winning.

Okay so obviously you know that not every day is hugs and kisses and crafts and rainbows around here. Some days I totally suck at life. But other days, I kill it.

Like today for example.

It’s 2:03 pm and I’ve baked six loaves of bread (without a bread maker peeps! But okay, I used my kitchenaid) and sewn a t-shirt. Besides that, I’ve showered (say whaaaat??), unloaded the dishwasher, washed a sink full of dishes, folded a giant load of laundry, fed kids two meals and one snack, put supper in the slow cooker, dropped two kids off at preschool, and put a baby down for a nap. In my books, this is a really good day.


Also, is this t-shirt cute or what? I used Figgy’s Patterns Tee for Two pattern (which I can’t seem to find on their website to link for you), and I’ve sewn it a few times and always love it. It’s such a quick easy sew and such a good way to upcycle old t-shirts. I can’t wait for Ivy to wake up so I can try it on her.


Okay so there is still a giant sink full of MORE dishes to wash, and yes, I’ve showered, but I haven’t put any make-up on or done my hair yet, and I may or may not have only eaten tiny chocolate bars for lunch.

But I’m still calling this day a win.

Yay me! And if you had a shower today or washed any dishes or fed any children, yay you! And if you didn’t, that’s okay, too. It happens.

Also, currently adding to my list of accomplishments- I just wrote a blog post! Amazing myself more and more each minute here people.


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