The littles.

Oliver and Ivy have generally been getting along much better together than they used to. I find them playing with blocks together (until Ivy knocks Oliver’s tower down), or coloring together (until fights break out over the only worthwhile marker- the purple one), pretending to be baby cats (this is one of their favorite games and they never fight while being kittens).


This morning I heard Ivy babbling away in her crib. At some point Oliver started talking  and soon it became a heated argument. When I went in to get Ivy, Oliver exclaimed with much exasperation, “MOM. Ivy does NOT stop talking!” I had to laugh because he’s kind of right.

I think they’re actually starting to love each other. In fact, I know I’ve heard Oliver say he loves her once (although he would very likely deny this). I know Ivy loves Oliver, because she loves everyone, but especially her brothers. Anything they do, she wants to do, because they’re the coolest.


Today snowflakes are falling furiously. Ben was inspired to clean out the coloring cupboard and in doing so discovered an unopened packaged of markers which has kept everyone busy for the last hour. The cat in the hat christmas special is on in an hour and I’m hoping it keeps everyone occupied enough for me to work on priming the freshly dry walled basement walls. I was hoping to have finished last night but Neil spent another day in the ER with another obstruction so that threw a wrench in my plans. He came home with a prescription for prednisone so here’s to hoping that keeps him out of the hospital for a long while. I need his help with painting so I need him feeling better!

ps. I just wrote this post on the iPad and it took me approximately seven times longer than it should have. Unfortunately I lost our laptop charger and those things are not cheap to replace….


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