Everyone’s feeling better.

Oh my, the last week was a little sad with three sick children.

It started with Ben: a fever and a cough. Coughing and coughing and coughing, but thankfully mostly sleeping at night. He missed a couple of days of school and had to postpone his first ever playdate with a school friend. Every day he would tell me, “I’m still a little sick, but I feel good enough for Noah to come over” and then end up crashing on the couch for half the day or something. By Thursday he actually was well enough for his friend to come over, and they were both so excited. The fact that Ben’s made some good friends at school already really makes my heart happy. I’m really proud of his confidence!

Anyway, next ones to get sick were Oliver and Ivy. Oliver probably did the best of anyone. He was fevered off and on and had a cough, but nothing too crazy. Mostly he just slept a lot, like 14 hours at night and three hour naps. Nothin’ to complain about if you ask me.


Poor little Ivy though, she was pretty miserable. She had a fever off and on for a few days, a cough, and obviously a sore throat, because every time she coughed, she cried the saddest little cry. We spent many days last week sitting on the couch watching hours of tv and movies. It wasn’t the worst thing, but the house fell apart because I couldn’t leave Ivy’s sight without her crying. Thankfully she slept fairly well throughout her sickness too.


So I had sick kids all week, and it was really cold too. I didn’t leave the house all week. Neil picked up a few groceries for us, but I forgot to ask him to get coffee. We were out all week. On Friday I put something on facebook about my sick kids and lack of coffee. I had a nap with the kids, and when I got up, there was a gift bag on our front door. In it was Starbucks coffee, coffee creamer, tea, juice boxes, chicken noodle soup, and even kids medicine (which we were also out of). It was from one of my neighbors, who I’ve known since I was a kid, but very rarely see. I was/am so blessed by her very generous and very thoughtful gift. And oh that coffee is delicious!

Seth managed to stay healthy, thank goodness (and knock on wood), and Neil and I too. And Ben, Oliver, and Ivy were all well enough to go to church for their Christmas concert yesterday morning. Having three kids on the stage at our church is kind of a challenge. They’re singing for a total of 1 minute and 51 seconds, and they’re all spread out from corner to corner of the stage hidden amongst approximately three hundred other children (this number may or may not be accurate). We spotted Ben right away, because I put him in a bright sweater, and wouldn’t you know, he was singing AND doing the actions. He told me he might do the actions, but he sure wouldn’t be singing, so I’m proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone up there. We saw Ivy briefly on the big screen, otherwise we never would have seen her at all. She was darling of course, and I wish I could have seen her through the whole song, because she had really been practicing the actions at home. She had watched the video over and over again, her little hands and arms doing their best to make a little crown on her head. Fricken adorable I tell you. And thankfully we caught sight of Oliver just seconds before the song was over. He was dressed in an angel costume with a tinsel halo and looked exactly the same as the kids in costumes he was surrounded by. And of course my heart melted seeing him do all the actions with a lot of enthusiasm. He did not do a single action, not even once, whenever we practiced at home, so I was definitely surprised.

So all the kids are healthy now, this bright and freezing cold Monday morning.

And speaking of healthy, or at least of feeling better, Neil is feeling so. much. better. It’s amazing actually. I mean, I feel like I have my old husband back the last ten days or so. He hasn’t had to take pain meds in over a week I think, and he just seems like himself, his real self, again. It is so awesome. He is so happy and so are the rest of us of course! He is still on the prednisone for awhile and has also started on an immunomodulator. He has a follow-up in a month (a month! not three!) to make sure everything is going well. I feel like we just passed that really bad part of his sickness and we won’t be going back there again, and that’s a good feeling.

Today is Monday, and I am very very excited to do some sewing in my NEW SEWING ROOM! Yes, I said it- sewing room! Like I mean, a newly carpeted, freshly painted, whole entire ROOM to sew in! My Christmas to-sew list is substantial, and I just glanced at the calendar and realized that Christmas is just over two weeks away, so I’m hoping to spend some quality time in there today. Excited!!!

Hope you all have an exciting Monday too!



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