This year’s Christmas.

Another Christmas, come and gone. I swear, December was like five minutes long. One day it was December first, the next it was Christmas eve.


I super duper loved our Christmas tree this year. We have Target now (whoo!) and I seriously upgraded our ornament collection when they had a sale. Even got a new tree topper. All out, seriously.

Christmas eve we went to church like always. This year they added a service at four o’clock and that was so great. We went to church, picked up some Thai food on our way home, and went home and ate it. Kids opened up their Christmas jammies, put them on, put some cookies out for Santa, and were still all in bed by 8 pm. Perfect.


They all really loved their jammies. The flannel is insanely soft. Oliver keeps asking for his really cozy jammies. I’m always happy when they like something I made.

We were up EXTRA early on Christmas morning. Seth was up around 4:30 feeling sick (that flu was still lingering a bit unfortunately) and he never did go back to sleep. He did, however, wake Ben up sometime during the five o’clock hour, so that was awesome. They did stay in bed quietly, though, until Ivy woke up around 7. I had literally just fallen back asleep a few minutes before that. I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit grinch-y the first part of Christmas morning. The kids were happy though, and loved their presents. Seth got some lego and books, Ben got a housecoat and slippers and some lego, Oliver got Jake pirate stuff and a fart gun (non. stop. farts. ever. since. what. was. I. thinking.), and Ivy got shoes and some my little ponies.

We headed to Neil’s parents for lunchtime where we had a nice relaxing afternoon and then supper with the rest of the family and more gifts. We came home after supper, tucked the kids in bed, and then got busy prepping for Hennan Christmas. Neil and I hosted for the first time this year!

My family all came over the next day just before lunch. It was great. I made photo props (Neil helped too!). I had decided it would be fun to do a “photo booth” sometime back in November, but as Dec 25th rolled around I started worrying that I wouldn’t have time and would have to bail on the idea, or that it was gonna turn out super crap since I would be working on it at 11pm the day before the get-together. Turns out, the props turned out as good or better than I hoped. My photo booth dream came true just like I hoped. We had a lot of fun with it!







Seriously, so fun. The kids and a few grown-ups spent a good chunk of the day sledding in our backyard, too. Boxing day just happened to fall in the middle of a two day “heat wave” and everyone seemed happy to be able to get outside and play. (Since then, we have again plunged back into a deep freeze with extreme windchill warnings. Why??)



It was a busy and fun couple days of Christmas, and then we spent the last few days basically doing nothing at all. I have shirked all household responsibilities to finish reading a book and learn to crochet, the kids have played with toys that are strewn all over the house, we’ve eaten turkey leftovers every day since Thursday, and life is good. Except for that we decided to break the cabin fever today and go out for supper and Neil ended up throwing up by the time we got home. Not so awesome. Anyway, happy 2013 Christmas. I’m kind of sad you’re over.


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