Ivy loves Tali.

We met my newest niece over Christmas. She was ten weeks old and full of rolls and we loved playing with her. Ivy especially. When Tali came for a sleepover, Ivy was in heaven. Baby heaven. She wanted to touch, cuddle, hold, carry, kiss, and generally over-love-on Tali. Tali was, for the most part, a very good sport and obliged Ivy at every opportunity. Side note- Ivy loves babies SO much. Anything smaller than its normal size is immediately deemed a baby. Tiny orange: It’s a baby that she kisses before she peels and eats it. Tiny scrap of toilet paper on the floor: It’s a baby that she cradles, rocks, and sings to before tossing it in the toilet and flushing away. So you can imagine how excited she was to have a real, live baby in her house.





Ivy’s favorite things about Tali, which she reported back to us often: Tali breastfeeds and Tali pooped, relayed to us as “Tawi! Nee nees! Poop!” Super exciting stuff to Ivy. Also, Tali weighs about 14 pounds, give or take. Ivy weighs about 22, more or less. Ivy literally tried to pick Tali up off the floor without help on more than one occasion. She was sure she could pick that little baby up. When Ivy was holding Tali, there really wasn’t a HUGE difference in head size between the two of them.

Tali’s gone back to Vancouver with her mom and dad and we are missing her pretty terribly. Ivy was looking at pictures of Tali and actually reached out to the screen and tried to scoop her out of the screen saying, “Tawi. Hold.” with a very sad little voice.

And why wouldn’t we be sad? I mean, look at those cheeks! And the wrist rolls!



So much adorable. This baby better move back home soon. Or else.


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