Oliver says.

Oliver has always had a lot to say, and he’s the first of our kids who will talk to anyone who’ll listen. He’s been cracking us up for a long time, but lately the lines coming from him are just getting better and better. Here’s a few of the latest and greatest…

After suffering from a chocolate covered ice cream brain freeze: “Aaaaaah! My brain is all chocolate-y!”

While pretending to be a cat (a very regular occurence for a good year now), when asked what his cat name was: “Rainbow Cat Adventures.”

While pretending to sleep in my bed: “Look at me, I’m soooo cute. I’m cuter than an elephant that’s a baby.”

Professing his love to me: “I love you to the moon, the moon, and to the movie theater. (I love you to the moon two times.)”

And more proclamations of love: “I love you to the moon and to the sun and to the sunset and to the darkness and to the mall.”

Oh Oliver, I just love you and your comedic one-liners. Thanks for being so good at the grocery store today, for helping me unload my cart, and for even helping me put the groceries away at home. (“I’ll just put them wherever I want to put them.”)


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