Ivy clearly recognized what it meant to be two and celebrated her birthday by being even more feisty, strong-willed, and defiant than ever. I swear she said “NO!” at least 134 times yesterday. NO to basically everything except presents and cake. She was a two-year-old in finest form.

Poor Ivy, so far her birthday parties have a very bad track record. She’s only had two and last year no one could come because of a winter storm, and this year half her guests stayed home with the flu. Still, I think Ivy had a great day.

Birthday pancakes! Ben loves birthday pancakes with sprinkles and icing and made sure we had some for Ivy’s birthday.

Icing! I totally didn’t follow the directions for the icing and it was a bit of a fail. Weird how things taste so much better when you follow directions than when you don’t. Ivy didn’t seem to mind though. (Honestly it did still taste good, but it just wasnt’t as awesome as it could have been. Also, it looked kind of pathetic. It was a bit of a sprinkle-tastrophe. Sprinkastarophe? Again, I don’t think Ivy cared at all, so I didn’t care either.)





Ivy is obsessed with babies and I had bought her this “tube of babies” for her birthday. I had plans of making a beautiful cat cake but like always was a little over-extended and over-exhausted. Then I came up with the genius idea to put the babies on the cake. Voila! Instant baby cake!

Except with the babies facing the glowing candles, it looked sort of like a freaky cult cake. We prefer to think of it as “babies at a bonfire”.


Hey, you can’t win them all.


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